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Do What is Right

"“Do what is right; then if men speak against you, calling you evil names, they will become ashamed of themselves for falsely accusing you when you have only done what is good." - 1 Peter 3:16 TLB

The Bible makes it clear that, “Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.” (2 Timothy 3:12 NLT) So we shouldn’t be surprised when others react negatively to our faith and good behavior. But Scripture also reveals that there is another principle at work when we live our lives for Christ. The apostle Peter tells us, “Do what is right; then if men speak against you, calling you evil names, they will become ashamed of themselves for falsely accusing you when you have only done what is good.” (1 Peter 3:16 TLB) When we “do what is right,” we keep ourselves under the Lord’s protection, and within the realm of His favor, where we can reap divine rewards for setting a Christlike example for others.

In Isaiah 54, we see that God promises to fight our battles for us. Verse 17 says, “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong.” (Isaiah 54:17 AMP) But we have a part to play in this kind of divine rescue operation. By walking in obedience, we shall “show [our critics] to be in the wrong,” and God Himself will guarantee our safety and success.

Scripture says, “God wants you to silence the ignorance of foolish people by doing what is right.” (1 Peter 2:15 GW) One of the best ways to silence our critics is to make sure that we don’t appear to be hypocritical. We can’t say that we are Christians, and then live like the devil. People are constantly watching what we do, and listening to what we say. So our conduct and conversation are extremely important. We must consistently set a Christlike example if we want to make a real difference for God in this world.

The Message Bible translation of First Peter 3:16 says, “Keep a clear conscience before God so that when people throw mud at you, none of it will stick. They’ll end up realizing that they’re the ones who need a bath.” Hallelujah! Stand out for Christ, and watch the Lord stand up for you!

Prayer: Lord, today, I recommit myself to You, and I ask that You give me a fresh anointing of Your Holy Spirit. Enable and empower me to live a godly life, and to set a Christlike example everywhere I go. Help me to conduct myself in ways that will silence my critics, and that will enable You to fight my battles for me. Thank You that as I am led by Your Spirit in every area of my life, You will bless me and use me in new and exciting ways for Your glory!

- J. M. Farro

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